Center Co-Hosts Conference at Oxford University

April 27, 2016

On April 27th, the Oxford Martin School and the Center hosted a conference, The Future of Europe: Drivers of Change, at Oxford University. Convened by Oxford Martin School director Ian Goldin, Center director Edmund Phelps, and David Vines (Balliol College and acting director of the program on the Political Economy of Financial Markets), the conference explored the long-term economic and social challenges that Europe faces, such as the decline of both productivity growth and the various rewards of working life. A session on the measurement, causes, and consequences of innovation contained reports by Center members Raicho Bojilov (with Eric Bartelsman acting as discussant), Gylfi Zoega, and Saifedean Ammous and presentations by Phelps and David P. Goldman. A roundtable included Center honorary chairman Peter Jungen and Center members Juan Vicente Sola and Saskia Sassen. A full agenda is available here