"The Age of the Individual" Speaker: Barnaby Marsh

Barnaby Marsh is a founding partner at Saint Partners. He has served as a strategist and advisor worldwide for philanthropic projects worth billions of dollars. Marsh has helped conceptualize, structure and launch initiatives at major academic and cultural institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Society, and Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and Oxford universities. Before co-founding Saint Partners, Marsh was for many years a senior executive at the John Templeton Foundation, overseeing and leading grant-making areas and communications activities, as well as philanthropic partnerships. He has helped major philanthropists realize ambitious goals under demanding conditions, and has helped create initiatives in education, poverty reduction, medicine and ecological stewardship. Marsh has also worked to advance understanding of choice behavior and how knowledge and understanding become wisdom. He studied at Harvard, Cornell and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, specializing in decision sciences and risk.