"The Age of the Individual" Speaker: David Goodhart

David Goodhart is Head of the Demography, Immigration, and Integration Unit, and Director of the Integration Hub website. He is the author of the new political bestseller The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics (Hurst). He is a former Director of Demos, and former Editor of Prospect magazine, which he founded in 1995, and where he remains Editor-at-Large. David is a prominent figure in public debate in the United Kingdom, as a well-known broadcaster, author, commentator, and journalist. He has presented several BBC Radio 4 Analysis programs. Before Prospect, David was a correspondent for the Financial Times, including a stint in Germany during the unification period. In 2013, David published The British Dream, a book about post-war multiculturalism, national identity, and immigration. It was short-listed for the Orwell Book Prize in 2014.