Premier Li Keqiang Remarks on the Importance of Phelps's "Mass Flourishing" in China's New Era of Innovation

February 07, 2018

On February 5, 2018, Edmund Phelps attended and spoke at a meeting of Foreign Experts with Premier Li Keqiang of China's State Council at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. A main focus of the meeting was China's inreasing economic growth. Premier Li and Phelps first met in 2014 on the occasion of Phelps receiving the China Friendship Award (the highest award for the recognition of foreign expertrs experts who have made outstanding contributions in the modernization of China). At that time, Phelps presented Premier Li with an English and Chinese copy of his book Mass Flourishing.  Premier Li remarked at the more recent February 5th meeting that Phelps's Mass Flourishing is important for China's new era of innovation. To read more ( in Chinese): click here.