Vladimir Kvint Seminar: Strategy for the Global Market: Theory and Practical Applications

Monday, October 19, 2015 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Columbia University
Dr. Vladimir Kvint, a well-established strategic advisor, professor, and Foreign Member (ad vitum) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, gives a presentation on his new book, "Strategy for the Global Market: Theory and Practical Applications." The book was inspired by the need for an essential roadmap or guideline to aid professional strategists in the development of strategy. Among the questions Dr. Kvint sought to answer are: What is the initial point of strategy development? What kinds of documents contain formal strategy and, without these documents how is a strategist to know if the strategy is completed or not? What is the theoretical basis, if any, for the experience-based recommendations found in some research monographs and textbooks? Despite progress in the evolution of strategic theory, raw intuition still gives leaders and strategists incomparable advantages. Even when leaders and strategists are armed with a defined theory, they still have to multiply and use this very powerful weapon through their intuition and hard work. Nonetheless, it is much easier to base strategic conclusions not only on intuition and hard work, but on theory as well, which is none other than a locomotive for all the other elements of strategic genius. When the initial elements of theoretical tools are developed, strategists and leaders derive a plentitude of advantages to compete even with equally gifted individuals who are without these powerful traits and natural characteristics. "Strategy for the Global Market" provides an explanation of the differences between forecasting and prediction on one side and planning on the other, and a theoretical basis for understanding how these three phenomena connect with the fourth phenomenon of strategy and strategizing process itself.