Program Areas

The Center's activity currently falls intro three main areas of inquiry:

1.  Uncertainty, asset prices and finance

  • ​How to restructure and regulate the banking sector and the financial markets?
  • How to create a framework to deal with excessive asset price swings?
  • How to ensure the availability of adequate credit which is essential to support the reactivation of an innovative and dynamic economy?
  • How to reduce the system’s vulnerability to future crises?

2.  Dynamism, entrepreneurs, and financiers

  • How to regain grassroots dynamism in the US?
  • How to increase economic dynamism in Europe? Other parts of the world?
  • What macroeconomic and microeconomic policies would boost entrepreneurship?

3.  Inclusion: participation and the experience of work

  • How to create or regain economic inclusion in the US and across the world?
  • What measures could be taken to make the financial sector more inclusive?
  • What specific policies could be used to target low-wage earners in the non-financial sector?
  • What institutions or social atitudes need to be created or reformed to achieve a more inclusive economy?