Esa Saarinen

Esa Saarinen is a Finnish philosopher, corporate coach and inspirational speaker. A media figure and celebrity in Finland, Esa is famed for bringing philosophy to bear on everyday life among the wide audience through his media appearances, colorful writings and public lectures. Working extensively with Finnish companies, most notably with Nokia in the years that transformed the company to the global leader in its field, Esa has developed a distinctive real-life philosophy with focus on the human potential. The idea of Esa's "positive philosophical practice" is to be of service for the cause of the good life and human flourishing. Professor of Applied Philosophy at Aalto University, Esa's lectures invariably attract record audiences. His best known book is Imagologies: Media Philosophy, co-authored with Mark. C. Taylor of Columbia University. Esa is married with the love of his live ("the Queen Pipsa") with whom he has twin boys.