Raicho Bojilov

Raicho Bojilov is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. He holds a PhD in Economics from Columbia University (2011). His research interests include Labor Economics, Microeconomic Theory, and Applied Econometrics. His recent papers include “Matching in Closed-Form: Equilibrium, Identification, and Comparative Statics,” with A. Galichon; Economic Theory (2016), “Referrals and Search Efficiency: Who Learns What When?” with with L. Munasinghe and T. Barr (2016); “Incentives to Work or Incentives to Quit?” (2014); “Estimating the Effects of Incentives When Workers Learn about Their Ability” (2011), and “Dynamism and Economic Performance: Preliminary Report” with Edmund Phelps (2010).